Companies are challenged by continuous change in technologies, markets and customer preferences. They need to define a transformation strategy and realign their value proposition and service delivery to remain relevant and competitive in the markets they serve. Often, the transformation may involve multi period and multi-functional changes that need focussed implementation consistent with the designed strategy. Browne and Mohan consultants not only create robust result oriented strategies but also involve in implementation of the strategy to attain the desired outcomes. We use our proprietary framework to create the strategies, brainstorm with the key decision makers about their utility and develop implementation champions involving both client and consultants to drive implementation.

Business transformation engagements usually stretching two to three years involve goal setting, identification of growth strategies and new business models. Implementation involves working closely with the company to build required functional capabilities, enrich systems and process, and raise the capability and maturity of the company. Implementation review happens weekly, monthly and quarterly so that desired milestones are tracked consistently and any improvisation could be done at the earliest.

Our Business Transformation Engagements Include:
  • Strategic renewal for an utility software company.
  • Strategic transformation of a concierge firm to a meta-mediary corporate services company.
  • Transformation of a family led business.
  • Business transformation of a IT company from services to IP-led product specialist.