The continual control of costs in an effective and efficient manner is vital to remain competitive in today’s global market place. Emerging markets such as India enjoy a definite cost advantage compared to the developed world. However, cost of capital and access to capital could be a challenge. Companies have a challenge in identifying the right financial strategy to pursue growth. Growth with internal accruals, public capital or structured debt brings their own complexity. Companies may find structured or mezzanine debt option they have locked themselves is expensive. Companies may find in the absence of a structured business & risk management plan, the very existence of the business they have built over years threatened. In the absence of activity based costing or right costing methods, companies may find themselves outwitted by the competition.

Browne & Mohan consultants help clients in building comprehensive business plans to raise funds from institutional or individual investors. We conduct risk management audit, identify potential leakages and suggest appropriate risk mitigation plans. Our consultants help in rolling out ABC systems, and Responsibility accounting models. Our consultants are involved in creation of pitch book, due diligence, and valuation of physical and IP assets.

Our Financial Engagements Include:
  • Business plan for establishing a subsidiary at UAE.
  • Due diligence and valuation of an IT company.
  • Optimization of working capital requirement and sources of funds.
  • Business plan to raise funds from a large bank.