Family run businesses are a significant segment of any nation’s industrial structure. However, just about 20% survive for a first generation transfer and 95% of them become defunct within two decade of demise of founder. Need to plan transition from founder to next generation, passing the baton to the right heir, creating institutional forms such as “family office” to demarcate ownership and executive management are issues they commonly grapple with.

Browne and Mohan consultants work with family business by establishing “family office” to manage investments and diversification, and professionalize the business by bringing the right external non-family talent. We help in creating effective chain of authority, develop next layer of leadership, improve business operations in all the functions to make the business run sustainably. We assist family business in revamping their business models, achieve long term growth and de-risk from conflicts of interests across multiple generations.


Small and Medium enterprises (SME) are engines of growth in an economy. They need to be nurtured and sustained to consolidate and grow their capabilities and markets. SME companies often get trapped in “scalability trap” for lack for comprehensive vision, right alignment of structures and process across functions and execution inefficiencies.

At Browne and Mohan, we help SME uncover their value, focus on scalable and sustainable capabilities and build systems and process across functions. We help SME build sales engine, establish a marketing function that complements and supports sales and helps build customer communities with frugal investments. Browne & Mohan consultants also conduct business process reengineering to improve ownership of outcomes and sense of urgency at all levels in the company. We design and support implementation of appropriate incentives and effective performance management systems including BSC, RBM.


MNCs and Large companies have multiple business divisions and product lines. For effective functioning large organizations needs common objectives to tie up cross functions but also levels within a function. Large companies also need to build systems and process to sustain continuous improvements and innovations. They also need to institutionalize methods to build value from alliances right from product ideas to distribution.

Browne and Mohan help to design and implement organization wide management control and performance systems, support change management initiatives by owning and driving the milestones, supplement innovation engines for idea to execution. For large companies, we also map the moves of competition in the market, bring data driven insights and develop growth strategies that enable our clients to engage customers effectively and establish leadership.


Not for profit organizations face a unique set of challenges. They need to effectively balance “program portfolio” with both short-term and long-term outcomes to stay relevant to their donor population and the funding objectives. They also need to de risk themselves from a narrow donor base be they institutional, corporate, government or public.

Browne and Mohan consultants help in portfolio planning by identifying appropriate program or services mix to align with donor interests and outcomes. We help in implementing right donor management strategy including fund raising mix, overhead allocation and corpus. We help in program management and in implementation of Performance Management Systems such as Results based management (RBM). We support NGO’s in identifying advocacy and communication strategies for both offline and online media.


Government agencies work with multiple concerns and objectives, some very long term impacting and others with a definitive short term focus. Coordination at various department levels and at various levels of government (from federal, State, District or villages or county) poses problems of managing and monitoring the allocation of funds and activities. Governments organizations have also to brace the challenge of quickly adopting their structures and delivery process using IT.

Browne & Mohan consultants help governmental organizations to prioritize the allocation areas, help design appropriate monitoring systems to tie up short term outputs and long term impacts, measures to bring appropriate governance at various levels, design appropriate PPP models including BOOT, BOO for social infrastructure projects and evaluation of government schemes.