Strategy defines the roadmap a company must adopt to remain competitive and sustain its “relevance” to the market. Companies looking to remain competitive must revisit its mission and vision, realign the resources, capabilities, investments and skills sets. To sustain their competitive advantage companies need to assess performance and capability gaps, identify unique advantages, equip themselves with right tools and methodologies to respond appropriately to the market. Companies have to decide the products and services they would have to expand, markets they would diversify, business models and revenue sources they would pursue. A grand strategy must not be comprehensive in terms of landscape, competitor moves, technology changes, customer preferences and evolving business models, but also be elegant and simple to implement.

Browne & Mohan’s consultants bring their multi-industry and multi-cultural experience in market, technology and product-specific analysis, blend their insights with factsto design appropriate strategy. Browne & Mohan consultants use resource based and competition theory frameworks and industry tools such as PSPD, Value Control Matrix to suggest and implement restructuring the financial, operational, strategic and organizational elements.

Our Strategy Consulting Engagements Include:
  • Product diversification strategy for a testing software company
  • Growth strategy for a holistic hospital chain
  • Structuring of companies in two separate tax zones
  • Exit strategy for a telecom product company