Transforming a people centric service company

ransforming a people centric service requires optimal mix of automation and standardization, but also effective management of cost of acquisition and cost of delivery. Business model innovation of service business requires managing economies of scale and scope. In this video, Browne & Mohan consultants share form the trenches what it means to transform a service business and how to scale it up.

Case study of Sales improvements in an Industrial Equipment company

In this Video, Browne and Mohan consultants share from their experience of how an industrial equipment company can transform their sales and marketing. The said company had to change its sales structure to cover virigin sales, account mining and services for both domestic and international sales.

What ails HR in Middle East SME companie and how digital transformation can cure it?

Middle East has been witnessing a shift away from its oil based economy to a diversified economy. However, most companies in the region suffer from HR that is caught in time wrap. To build a globally competitive yet culturally rooted workforce HR departments need to quickly embrace digital technologies and push themselves to become more business centric.

Digital Transformation of Marketing

Many believe digital transformation of marketing is about online content, both paid and unpaid to get more eyeballs. Marketing digital transformation is not just about content, but also interaction and intimacy. Moreover, it requires to go beyond traditional marketing department and its agencies. Marketing digital transformation requires adoption of open network approach for creation, curation, distribution and influence.

Transform your SME Business into a growth machine

Small and Medium Business are key engines of economic growth and innovation. To keep abreast of technology and market changes they need to transform to remain relevant. In this Video, Browne & Mohan consultants present the eight rules of successful business transformation.

How to set your sales to win

Sales improvements require both market coverage and customer engagement to be addressed in a comprehensive manner. A detailed sales audit followed by right structuring and process enabled by right incentive is a must to realize sales improvements.

Digital transformation of Family Business

Family businesses form solid bedrock of many country’s economy and engines of employment. However, newer technologies including social, mobile, cloud and analytics are threatening the business continuity and sustainability of these business. In this background, Family business need to adopt a formal approach to adopt and employ digital technologies to transform their business models, customer engagement approaches, revenue generation and value chain management.

Board role in Digital transformation

Digital transformation is more than technology, it changes the very fabric of the business model & its constituents. It is therefore imperative for Board to be not only involved in the direction of digital transformation, but also the pace, prioritization and investments related to it.

Explainer Video of Browne & Mohan services

An explainer Video of all the management consulting services offered by Browne & Mohan

Explainer video of Browne & Mohan business transformation.

An explainer video about Browne & Mohan business transformation service detailing how a company with poor results and alignment remerges as a profitable and sustainable entity.

Independent directors in SME Companies

SME company owners need independent advice and suggestion to guide them. They also need someone who challenges assumptions and help constructively hone the plan so that company does not trip. In this video, Browne & Mohan consultants present the value independent directors bring to SME companies and what steps to gain from independent directors.

Sustaining partnership Companies: Initial days to succession

Partnership is a common form of company formation. However, over 70% of the partnership firms end in divorce or just shut the shop. Those that survive follow few common principles. In this Video, Browne & Mohan consultants share what it takes to build and sustain partnerships right from starting to next generation transfer.

How to get more ROI from Social media Content marketing

We all know “content is the King” and key driver of social media. For “Content marketing strategy” to work there are more ingredients that just Content itself. In this video, Browne & Mohan consultants share how to get the content reach large audience, and gain followers.

successful Business transformation

In this Video, Browne & Mohan consultants explain how business can transform themselves to be profitable, and sustainable by adopting capability improvements and increasing market relevance.

Managing Family businesses: founder to cousin-consortia

Effective sales transformation

Non profits: HR challenges and mitigation approaches. In this video, Browne & Mohan consultants share the major HR challenges Non-profits face and broad approaches to address them.

Browne & Mohan Moments

Browne & Mohan Young Dolphin Program is a platform designed to attract undergraduate students to the exciting world of management consulting. This video presents Young Dolphin program including who could apply and the selection process.

Effective video marketing for B2B business

Industrial or B2B sales requires appropriate support from marketing. With advent of new technology tools including social media, Video's play an important role in disseminating product information, influence designers, EPC procurement teams and end users. In this Video, Browne & Mohan consultants share tips to design effective video's for B2B marketing.

360 marketing: Is your marketing exploiting both offline and online mix

Marketing today requires integration of all assets: online and offline. In this Video, Browne & Mohan consultants share the benefits of integration and how to go about it.

How to acquire foot falls & + Word of Mouth: Insights from Food & Beverage Industry

9 Principles of Social Media Marketing - Browne & Mohan

How we improved our sales? Insights from a CEO.

Business Transformation - Browne & Mohan